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20 Ways to Save Money - Part 2

11. If you love reading, donít buy books, but get them from the library. If your local library does not have the books you want, you may still be able to get it through an interlibrary loan. In addition to books, you can also get music CDs, tape sets, and DVDs from the library.

12. If you want the latest DVDs, try Red Box. This only costs a dollar. Rather than Blockbusters, try Netflix. There are ways to get educated or entertained for much less than you normally pay.

13. If you like magazines, there are numerous ways to save on buying them. Instead of randomly buying magazines and spending from $3 to $5, you can read them in the library. If there is a magazine that you must have regularly, then get a subscription instead of buying them individually when they hit the bookshelves.

14. You can save quite a bit of money by buying a car over the Internet, including the cost of shipping. This can save you substantially rather than going to a local dealership. If you donít mind a used car in good condition, you can save even more because the cost of a new car quickly depreciates.

15. The trash business is highly competitive and you can get a discount on your trash service by asking your current provider to match a competitorís lower price. Since they know that you will simply switch over to the competitor if they say no, they usually give it to you.

16. Similarly, there is a lot of competition amongst banks for checking accounts. You can always switch your account to a competitor who offers free checking if your bank will not reverse your checking fees.

17. Pay your credit cards off in full rather than pay interest by only paying minimum balances. If you canít control your spending, then it is best to cut up your credit card.

18. Use compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) rather than incandescent bulbs. They consume seventy-five percent less electrical energy and they have a tenfold increase in longevity.

19. Keep your car well-maintained and drive it longer.

20. Pay your life insurance once a year and your car insurance twice a year. You will save much more than if you pay more frequently. It may be convenient to pay smaller amounts, but it costs more, too.

There are two ways to use these twenty money saving tips:
The first is to start saving money by picking and choosing which ideas you like. The second, if you are serious about money savings, is to impact your monthly budget by putting them them all into use. The way to do this is to create a checklist and mark off each one until you have put all twenty money saving tips into action. True, it does take a little effort to get started, but once you have made this paradigm shift, it will improve the quality of your life. Now, instead of wondering how to pay bills, you will have the money. In addition, you will also accrue money for emergency purposes.

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